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Industry executive

Demonstrated impact helping organizations build, grow, and manage programs and resources.



Clients Include:

  • Fundación Hospital Pediátrico (San Juan, Puerto Rico)

  • Princeton Seminary, Hispanic Theological initiative (Princeton, NJ) 

  • Puerto Rico Community Foundation (San Juan, Puerto Rico)

  • Barr Foundation (Boston, MA)

  • University of Puerto Rico (San Juan, Puerto Rico)

  • Rockefeller Foundation & Hispanics in Philanthropy TPW Project (New York, NY)

  • Hispanic Federation & Coalition for New Philanthropy (New York, NY)

  • Rockefeller Foundation and University of San Andres (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

  • Association of Community Trusts (London, England)

Independent Consultant with 27 years of experience collaborating with a range of philanthropic institutions, nonprofit organizations, and stakeholders to improve programmatic structures and resources that strengthen their work with communities.


Industry Executive with program expertise extending from philanthropic and organizational development to economic mobility and education and public health initiatives focusing specifically on underserved communities.


Speciality Services: Project Management, Research and Project Design, Resource Development, Executive Coaching, Board Development and Governance.


Past projects have included: 

  • Advising Princeton Seminary’s Hispanic Theological initiative in program design and development, including research, assessment, program goals and objectives, budgets, operational infrastructure, fundraising strategy, and governance. New and revised reprogramming resulted in securing $3.4 million of grant support.  

  • Driving the campaign and building the operational structure to raise $1.5MM to launch the Latino Equity Fund (formerly the Latino Legacy Fund) at the Boston Foundation, a unique partnership among local Latino philanthropists and leaders, the Boston Foundation and Hispanics in Philanthropy to establish the first Latino-focused fund in the Greater Boston area.

  • Working with the Rockefeller Foundation and Hispanics in Philanthropy to promote philanthropy in Latin America and Latino communities in the U.S., and to maximize donor and institutional management resources.

  • Advising the Rockefeller Foundation in the development of the first Strategic Philanthropy, Education, and Networking program in Argentina. 

  • Assisting the Puerto Rico Community Foundation in a $50 million initiative on middle school public education reform in Puerto Rico. 

  • Leading consultant in a Barr Foundation initiative for Latino communities on adapting healthier alternative forms of transportation that would help to reduce vehicle-related greenhouse gas emissions. 

  • Overseeing large foundation projects and budgets ranging from $3 - $50 million dollars.

  • Managing a $4 million portfolio in health and special needs, with an emphasis on health systems, services and policy, mental health, and children and youth with disabilities at New York Community Trust.

  • Partnering with the Coalition for New Philanthropy, a collaboration among foundations to promote the practice of sustained, strategic philanthropy among African American, Latino, and Asian American donors to design and develop a “donor service program” for a major Latino Fund in New York.

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